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Faster Deliveries

A little about lora

Iora has been a women’s apparel retailer with brick and mortar stores in Singapore and Malaysia since 1998, but when it set up its e-commerce store in 2017, managing and fulfilling online orders proved more complex than the company had anticipated.

A need to simplify and automate order processing

To diversify the risk of late deliveries during peak periods, Iora spread delivery consignments across several delivery partners. While well intentioned, this model only added more complexity to operations than the staff could handle. Multiple invoices from multiple partners often caused confusion and resulted in significant time wasted on calling partners to reconcile invoices to orders. To make matters worse, while some delivery partners could integrate with lora’s existing system, for the most part, order handling was still a very manual process involving the uploading of CSV files.

“To try to resolve the order complexities, we resorted first to reducing the number of delivery partners we used to about 2-3, and then find a solution that will help us integrate all our shipments in a single place” explains Hao Ping, Marketing Manager at lora.

In its quest to automate it’s order fulfilment process and gain insights on it’s deliveries, lora discovered Shippit.

Our deliveries are now, on average, 20% quicker ensuring all service level agreements are met! Meeting SLAs on delivery deadlines has been the greatest benefit we have derived using Shippit.
Hao Ping, Marketing Manager, lora

Customised integration created seamless processing of all orders

Shippit’s technical team worked with Iora to integrate all of Iora’s key shipping partners onto Shippit so that orders could be processed seamlessly between both parties; integrations needed to simplify order processing across different courier services for Iora was now done on the Shippit platform. This helped Iora automate order processing and save 50% of the time spent creating commercial invoices

“The integration was especially helpful for our cross-border shipments, mostly to Malaysia, Brunei and Australia,” Hao Ping explains. “We save a lot of time by automating the creation of commercial invoices.”


One centralised team of responsive customer agents

Within a year, Shippit has streamlined Iora’s order and delivery processes, consolidating orders within a single platform and providing one team of responsive customer service agents to solve delivery issues on the rare occasions they crop up. Most customer queries were now routed through the Shippit platform which freed up a lot of time for the team.

Some of the biggest advantages from Shippit has been the seamless process, being able to consolidate orders from different shipping partners under one roof and most importantly, only having to speak to one team of responsive customer service agents to solve our delivery issues, if any.
Hao Ping, Marketing Manager, lora

Faster deliveries and happier customers

One of the main KPIs that the lora team tracked was meeting the stipulated service level agreements (SLAs) on delivery timelines. They are very happy with the integration and have achieved better delivery services after using the Shippit platform.

“Meeting SLAs on delivery deadlines has been the greatest benefit we have derived using Shippit, it’s been very positive!” says Hao Ping.
Most importantly, deliveries are now, on average, 20% quicker as well, ensuring service level agreements are met. Faster deliveries also meant less customer complaints and happier customers! lora also experienced 20% reduction in customer enquiries asking for tracking details.


Benefits of using Shippit:

Operational Efficiency: No more manual order fulfilment and reconciling invoices across multiple partners and countries

Enhanced Customer Experience: Delivery speed and responsiveness to enquiries established customer trust and reduced complaints

Meeting Service Level Agreements: Seamless processing of orders and selecting the right couriers made delivery faster by 20%.

Shippit integration has helped us automate our order processing and has saved us 50% time spent creating commercial invoices! The integration was especially helpful for our international shipments, mostly to Malaysia, Brunei and Australia!
Hao Ping, Marketing Manager, lora
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