Reduction in Customer Service Calls


Time Saved Processing Orders

A bit about Hush Candle 

Hush is a Singapore-based, women-led boutique home fragrance studio specialising in all natural, essential oil-based candles, home fragrances and other lifestyle products aimed at improving mental and emotional wellness. Its founders, Nicole Su and Chelsea Low started the company to fill the gap in the market between candles with synthetic or overpowering fragrances and luxury brands that are too pricey. 

Hush products have proven to be a success with customers and, as orders picked up, Nicole and Chelsea knew they had to streamline their delivery processes.

A shipping and fulfilment software that handles customer enquiries as well

When Nicole and Chelsea first started operations, they used to take their shipments down to the nearest post office. As orders increased, they turned to using courier services for around five years. However, this was still a heavily manual process which left them open to a flood of enquiries as customers phoned or emailed to check on delivery status as well as to make complaints about orders damaged during delivery. The two young entrepreneurs knew that such a manual method could not prevail as the business grew.

When Hush was approached by Shippit a year ago, the transition over to using Shippit made sense. They now had the volume of orders to support using the service, and it also gave them branded notifications which customers could access to get status of their orders. This reduced the reliance on customer service as well as the incidence of damaged goods being delivered. As a result, the number of customer search and complaint calls reduced by 50%. All customers tracking their order status or coming with requests to change their delivery address would now directly call the Shippit customer support giving back time which Hush could invest in growing its business.

The biggest benefit of using Shippit has been that the number of customers chasing order status has dropped by more than 50%! Customers rarely come to us to ask where their parcels are!
Nicole Su, Co-founder, Hush Candle

Live updates reduce customer enquiries further

With Shippit, customers can now track the delivery of their orders in real time, whether they’ve ordered a Hush product for themselves or as a gift sent directly to the recipient. The branded tracking link gets updated on the current status as well as confirms when a delivery has been completed. If delivery is unsuccessful, the app will update progress once the package is out for delivery again and only record the order as complete once the delivery has been accepted by the recipient.

A simple user interface integrated with Hush’s Shopify store

Hush employees found the Shippit platform very easy and intuitive to use. Now that the system is set up to meet the requirements of the Hush delivery process, staff members are able to seamlessly pull over orders from its Shopify store (saving extra time on duplicated data entry) and schedule delivery door to door with the courier of their choice. Since the dashboard is highly intuitive, the Hush team were also able to train new staff members to use Shippit very easily. Using the Shippit platform has saved the Hush team 20% in order processing and handling time!

The Shippit team has been very helpful, supportive and very open to listening to our feedback, so we are definitely pretty satisfied.
Nicole Su, Co-founder, Hush Candle

Marketing through the branded tracking link

Hush has taken full advantage of the ability to white label its delivery service by adding its brand logo to the tacking link so that customers link delivery to Hush directly and not to Shippit. However, one service that Hush really wants to try, is to add its own promotional banners as a display on the app. This way Hush can upsell specific time-sensitive promotions to existing customers.

Increasing sales with multiple delivery options

While Hush presently uses Shippit only for local deliveries, since this boutique studio now ships all over the world, the team is currently exploring Shippit’s other delivery options: Next Day Express and Same Day Delivery as well as International Delivery.

As Hush grew, Nicole and Chelsea were happy to invest in changes steadily over time. The two entrepreneurs advise any business starting up to be prepared to invest in the right systems and processes in  order to grow and to think of the long-term good of the company. “When spending on the right tools  is needed to grow your company,” says Nicole, “don’t look at it as an expense but as an investment.”


Benefits of using Shippit:

Enhanced  customer experience: Delivery speed and responsiveness to enquiries established customer trust and reduced the number of enquiries on order status through customer access to the tracking link. 

Reduced fulfilment time: Being able to re-route their customer enquiries to the Shippit platform saved a lot of man hours in query handling and freed up time to invest in other parts of the business. 

Branded tracking notifications and promotional upselling capabilities: Hush white labels the Shippit tracking link and is keen to add promotional banners to upsell its services. 


Our team has been very pleased using Shippit! Trying the Same Day, Express delivery options as well as marketing our promotional banners through the Shippit branded tracking link is on our ‘to do’ list for sure.
Nicole Su, Co-founder, Hush Candle