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An Exploration Post-Covid

All around the world, COVID-19 led restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment venues and borders to close within a matter of weeks. The pandemic plunged the world into a new order after the first viral outbreaks were reported in 2020.
eCommerce experienced unprecedented growth following lockdowns implemented in multiple countries. Singapore‚Äôs digital economy reported that retail online sales grew 40% and some businesses saw sales jump more than 200%. But with all the factors stacked for the success of ecommerce, not every business (even those with an existing online footprint) was able to capture the COVID tailwind in its entirety. In this whitepaper explore  – 
  1. Basic shifts in trends in the economy and the retail industry following the circuit breaker in Singapore.
  2. Why did some businesses in Singapore fail to capture the pandemic tailwinds to pick up sales and jump start their ecommerce business?
  3. How can businesses better prepare to address the second order effects of COVID-19?
  4. What are some of the solutions that retailers can keep in mind to capture the new wave of eCommerce savvy shoppers?
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