Shippit Returns terms & conditions

Shippit Returns is available as an optional add-on to your existing Shippit subscription plan. By using Shippit Returns, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • You will be charged a flat fee per return, invoiced monthly
  • The per return fee is $1.49 on the Grow, Unleash and $249 Empower plans
  • You will be charged based on submission of the return request 
  • The merchant is responsible for the upfront return shipping fee
  • If you opt to use courier pick up as a return delivery method, you will be charged our current shipping rates, invoiced monthly
  • For $499 Empower plan and above, please contact us for pricing 

This agreement is governed by the pre-existing Shippit terms at



Shippit Returns is only available to merchants that use Shopify or Magento 2. 

To offer item drop off as a return option, merchants must connect their Australia Post account with an eParcel Post Returns code (weight restrictions apply).