After 18 months in the making, we’re super excited to announce that Shippit Returns – our next major product – is finally here! Built for retailers and their customers, Shippit Returns lets you have your very own branded, self-service online returns portal to simplify the returns experience.

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It gives customers the convenience and control to initiate a return online in a few simple steps, download shipping labels, and choose whether they’d like to drop off their item or have it picked up by a courier. Plus, customers are kept in the loop about their return item delivery status, which means less customer support emails.

Meanwhile, you can easily track all your returns in the one place in Shippit, and automatically approve requests that meet your return policy so that customers can quickly generate their own shipping labels.  

So if you want to save time coordinating product returns, reduce customer support queries and improve your returns experience, Shippit Returns is a win-win.


Why we created Shippit Returns

Shippit was launched in 2014 to help online retailers deliver amazing delivery experiences to consumers. Fast forward five years, the growth of online shopping has also led to growing return rates, so it made sense for us to branch out to help take the pain out of the product returns process for both consumers and retailers.

So over the last 18 months, we’ve collaborated with customers such as The Athletes Foot and Puma to develop and pilot the Returns solution, tweaking it along the way to make sure that it meets both retailers and their customer’s needs.

We’ve now made Shippit Returns widely available for merchants using Shopify or Magento 2 to help retailers streamline their returns process. You can simply add Returns to your existing Shippit subscription, and you’ll only be charged for every return request. 


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How to drive purchase and loyalty with simple product returns

With 53% of Australian online shoppers* checking a retailer’s return policy prior to purchase, a simple returns process is becoming a make or break option for many consumers before they buy. Research also shows that consumers are less likely to shop with the same online retailer again if they have a bad returns experience.

So why is it that so many retailers still make it such an effort for customers to organise a return? 

We reviewed hundreds of retailer return policies and were surprised by how many still required customers to contact their customer support team. Not only does that mean countless back and forth emails for your customers, but it also means countless back and forth emails for your team to coordinate the product returns process internally. 


Give your customers an easy online ‘self-serve’ returns experience 24/7

With Shippit Returns, your customers can request product returns any time that suits them. If their request meets your return policy rules, it gets approved instantly, so you can stay asleep and your customers can generate their own return shipping label. We’ll even track the return item right up until delivery, so you can then decide how to resolve the request once you’ve checked the items.

If you’re including pre-printed return labels with all your orders, you’ll benefit from Shippit Returns too by eliminating the need to print unnecessary labels. You’ll save costs and the environment by only generating shipping labels for approved return requests.

With peak shopping season around the corner, now’s the time to get on the front foot and simplify your returns process.

Find out more about Shippit Returns here.



Source: *UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper Asia Pacific Study 2019