In 2018, Click Frenzy generated 1.3 million website visits and over 448,000 sales in just three hours

From 6-9pm, frenzied shoppers frantically searched the web for the best deals, completed their carts and went on their merry way.

And it’s all about to happen again in a few weeks…..

Want to ensure Click Frenzy traffic and sales flow into your store this year? Then you’ve come to the right place. Read our Click Frenzy marketing hacks below to get the most out of Australia’s biggest eCommerce event of all time. 

Start promoting an exclusive offer

For the best exposure, create unique offers on a variety of items for Click Frenzy. This will spark interest and begin to generate excitement for your involvement during this huge online sales event.

But beware! Be careful not to promote too much, too early on too many things as customers will hold off purchasing now until the event. 

Pro tip:

You can bring customers back to your website through your tracking emails and notifications by promoting your Click Frenzy promotion in your shipping alerts. 

With Shippit, you can send branded tracking alerts via email and SMS to your customers waiting on their shipping updates, and you can also add banner ads to your tracking links to promote your Click Frenzy offer. Learn more about our tracking features here.

Display signage across your site

If you’re worried about saying too much too early on your biggest acquisition channels, consider doing some soft promotion of your offer on your website. 

Giving teasers in strategic places on your site will allow you to test how website traffic responds to your deal – giving you time to refine your offer.

Here’s how Ikea promote their Click Frenzy offer on their site:

click frenzy marketing hacks

Not ready yet? No worries – do as Bonds does with a ‘Save the Date’ Click Frenzy post: 

click frenzy marketing hacks

Another great idea to start generating buzz now is to create a landing page to host all the information customers need about your Click Frenzy involvement.

Catch did a great job of this, including details on customer support and despatch information:

click frenzy marketing hacks

Make use of hashtags on Instagram

Most of the time when people hear “hashtag”, their mind is immediately cast to the 280 characters in the billions of tweets created everyday. 

When it comes to eCommerce however, hashtags will be more effective for your if you utilise them on Instagram. 

Instagram influences 75% of user purchase decisions, so it’ll be critical for you to start creating buzz on your Instagram feed. 

click frenzy marketing hacks

click frenzy marketing hacks

Combine your offer with free and fast shipping

A lot of retailers are wary of combining both free and fast shipping, but fears around this are unwarranted. 

You can offset the cost of your shipping options with your product costs, and fast shipping has been proven to boost conversion rates. Want to see how? Download our eBook on fast shipping and hypergrowth to learn more. 

Time your advertising to optimise sales

eCommerce shopping events like Click Frenzy here in Australia, and Cyber Monday in the US are incredibly time sensitive. 

Cyber weeks comes around once a year and are a worldwide whirlwind, but it can be tricky not to cannibalise sales before the event. Here’s how to make the most out of it:

  • Start building awareness one to two weeks before without being too specific about the products that will be on sale
  • Heavily increase your advertising spend – especially paid search – during the event to maximise sales

Get creative with email marketing

Start building anticipation with your existing customers by sending creative teaser emails a few days before.

This will keep your brand front of mind during the event, and will remind your customers to check out your sales. 

Below is a great example from Vodafone building anticipation with a countdown to the event: 

click frenzy marketing hacks

Mobile is your friend

Over 56% of customers use their mobile to access Click Frenzy deals, so ensuring your landing page loads quickly and is mobile-friendly will be critical. 

Optimising your website for mobile isn’t only important during Click Frenzy, it’s critical to the whole eCommerce shopping experience.

Here’s what to look out for:

  • Ensure images and text are correctly formatted seamless mobile scrolling
  • Ensure your product pages load cleanly and quickly on all mobile browsers
  • Make sure your checkout experience is mobile friendly (customers hate nothing more than a long checkout experience on mobile)
  • Ensure buttons and forms are easy to click and fill in on a small mobile screen
  • Ensure you have a clear and easy to read confirmation page after purchase as customers will reach out to you the next day if they’re unsure about the status of their order

Prep your customer service team

Although it’s known as the “Australian alternative to Cyber Monday”, Click Frenzy is no lightweight in the online sales category. 

Data shows that online sales can increase by 45% during Click Frenzy week, 

That’s a 45% potential increase in customer enquiries on your customer service team. 

Be sure to prepare your customer service team to respond promptly to all enquiries, and be transparent about delays proactively to avoid customers contacting you for more information. 

Is your business ready for your biggest Cyber Week ever? If yes, great! We wish you the very best this sales season. If not, feel free to reach out to our team to see how we can help you optimise sales and keep your customers happy with better shipping solutions.