The rush of making sales and converting customers can feel like the last time you’d want to be changing anything in your eCommerce platform or fulfilment process. Even if something is inefficient or inconvenient, who has time to fix it at this time of year? Fear not, these five Shippit integrations will have you packing, shipping and tracking your orders without a hitch.

1. Shopify

The number one easiest way to get started with Shippit is with our Shopify integration. It is an app-based integration that only requires you to install the Shippit app via the Shopify App Store. You can adjust the default settings if needed but otherwise, you’re good to go!

If you signed up for Shippit on our website, you can just as easily integrate your Shopify store via the Integrations tab in Settings.

If you need a little more help setting up a Shippit account on your Shopify store, check out our support page!

2. BigCommerce

Setting up Shippit to connect to a BigCommerce store is also beyond easy. Just like on Shopify, you can download the Shippit app from the BigCommerce App Marketplace. You can even configure your account to either show your customers live quotes on their shipping costs or a flat rate.

If you need a little more help setting up a Shippit account on your BigCommerce store, check out our support page!

3. eBay

You can connect your eBay store to Shippit from within the Shippit app. It’s a slightly different integration to Shopify and BigCommerce but just as easy!

Once you’ve created a Shippit account, go to the Integrations section in Settings. Follow the prompts to enter your eBay account credentials. Your eBay orders will now be automatically synced to Shippit, and orders fulfilled through Shippit will be automatically updated with tracking information.

Shippit integration with ebay

If you need a little more help connecting your Shippit account to your eBay store, check out our support page!

4. Auspost eParcel

If you have an Australia Post eParcel account, you can easily connect it to Shippit This integration requires an API key from your Australia Post account and a few changes in Settings but will have you up and running with Shippit in no time.

This is a great option if you’re currently only sending parcels with Australia Post but want to explore using multiple carriers in the future. Keep using Australia Post while taking advantage of the improved pick and pack and tracking capabilities of Shippit. Once you get into the swing of things, you can begin to use a mix of couriers, to ensure that you always get the best price.

The connection process is explained in detail on our support page.

5. DHL

Do you send orders internationally using DHL? Great! Your DHL account and shipping rates can also be connected to Shippit. Send an email to our Support team with details including your store name and rate card and we’ll have it set up ASAP.

For a full breakdown of exactly what details our team needs to connect your DHL account to Shippit, check out our support page.