We haven’t consulted a fortune teller but we do keep a close eye on what’s happening with retail trends in Australia and around the world. Here are a few trends we think will be big in the retail industry this year.

1. On-demand shipping

More and more consumers are seeking out on-demand delivery, and the retail industry is responding. It’s been in the works for a while but this particular trend just keeps growing.

Some of the fastest-growing delivery options are:

  • Same-day and next-day delivery
    Customers are increasingly looking for near-instant delivery. For eCommerce businesses, this means highly streamlined pick and pack processes and warehouse management are more necessary than ever.
  • Scheduled and out of hours delivery times
    The convenience of online shopping is negated when a trip to the shops is just replaced with a trip to the post office.
  • Click and collect
    For customers who do plan to go in-store, knowing a product is available and ready to pick up is a serious time saver.

retail trends

The right combination of delivery options can win new customers and reduce cart abandonment. We see these areas only continuing to grow so get on board before you get left behind!

2. Experiential retail

The counterpart to the growth in eCommerce is the rise of experiential retail. In order to draw in customers, brick and mortar retail locations are offering more than just the same products available online.

Retailers now look for ways to increase interactivity and connection in their stores. This helps to build brand recognition and affinity. This can take the form of in-store events, augmented reality experiences or additional amenities such as art, live music or social spaces. Experiential retail is only limited by your imagination!

3. Minimalist web design

For eCommerce retailers, the importance of brand experience is also gaining momentum. Online stores are becoming more streamlined, which leads to faster load times and a better mobile experience.

Minimalist eCommerce website design also helps to keep the focus on the products without overwhelming customers—a welcome change in a hyperconnected world!

minimalist eCommerce web design

Read more about why top brands are turning to minimalist web design.

4. Sustainability

The recent Australian bushfires have been a timely reminder that climate change is real and impacting all aspects of life. Consumers are becoming more concerned about the environmental impacts of their purchases.

Smaller sustainable companies have been around for a while but bigger retailers are now catching up. We’re seeing them reducing packaging, introducing environmentally-friendly product lines, and implementing recycling programs.

retail trends

The shipping and transport of consumer goods is a big contributor to global emissions so it’s great to see the retail industry taking on this challenge. This is one trend we hope is here to stay!

Want some insights outside of the crystal ball? Our State of Omni-Channel Retail and Shipping 2019 Report gives you a sneak peek into the operational performance of the industry’s biggest players.