As of February 2021, out of the total population of Singapore, 90% or 5.29 million are internet users. Singaporeans have 3.3. internet connected devices per person with smartphones being the most common ones. We’re a nation that’s obsessed with having the latest tech gadgets be it phones, televisions or refrigerators – which is good news if you’re someone who sells these items online. 

But while consumer demand is high, so is the level of competition from international operators like Amazon and bricks-and-mortar chains like Harvey Norman and Courts, Best Denki and Challenger. To not only survive but thrive in this space, you need to have the right inventory, a strong delivery offer and great customer service.

Here are some tips on how to plug into the rising demand for consumer electronics.

Focus on key categories

Given how much time we all spend on our mobile devices, you might be surprised to learn that smartphones don’t represent a very big portion of the online consumer electronics market. Instead, the biggest categories are home entertainment, including televisions, speakers and video game consoles, and computers and accessories. Focus on these categories to ensure you’re stocking the products that people want to buy. 

To help spread the word that you’re the go-to destination for all things tech, make sure your existing customers are telling their friends and family about your brand. Check out this blog post for some great ideas of how to turn customers into brand advocates. 

Offer fast and free shipping

There’s no question that fast and free shipping is the way to win customers in the online consumer electronics industry, so having cost-effective distribution is key, especially as bricks-and-mortar retailers start using their scale to absorb shipping costs and grow their market share. 

Shippit is a great way to reduce your distribution costs. As a multi-carrier shipping platform, Shippit offers discounted rates on same day delivery of electronics, next day delivery of electronics and standard electronics delivery, so you can pass these savings on to your customers. 

But it’s not enough to just focus on price, you also need to ensure your products are properly packed so they don’t get damaged during transport. If you’re looking for the best way to ship electronics, this blog post explains how to pack fragile items. Keep these tips in mind for any monitor shipping or phone shipping you may do. 

Once you’ve nailed your packing process, you may want to consider adding international shipping to your electronics offer. Here’s a checklist to see if you’re ready.

See how Harvey Norman reduced fulfilment time and boosted customer satisfaction here.  

Provide a great customer experience

As competition in this space increases, customer experience and service will become important differentiators. 

Offering shipment tracking, refunds and exchanges and verified reviews will help customers feel comfortable ordering from your website, while providing augmented reality features that let customers “see” how a television fits on their wall will help you stand out from the competition. 

Engaging with issues like sustainability will show customers that you’re aligned with their values. If you’re not sure where to start reducing your environmental footprint. Get in touch with us to learn how you can ship sustainably with Shippit.