Bad images can be a dealbreaker for your customers. Because no one connects to a cookie-cutter life with no resemblance to their reality, choosing crappy images can do more damage than you think. Great images make a great impression and give your customers a way to put themselves in the story.

If you’re like a lot of eCommerce sites, you’ve probably focused only on your product images. While this is positive, it often means you’ve neglected to source quality pics to spruce up your blog, socials and website.

The good news is, high-quality stock images are accessible, and you don’t need to fork out the big bucks to buy them. Here’s a list of 15 free stock photo sites to help you put your best photo foot forward.



From Shopify comes this free photo platform. Created for Shopify stores, it’s an excellent library for online stores and packaging, especially for categories such as shopping, holidays, food, jewellery, and products.



A massive library with over 600,000 high-resolution images, there’s an active community attached. Sign up and track photographers you favour with this free tool that aims to supply creators with great photos.


Freerange Stock

Aimed at commercial and non-commercial use, this site offers free images, supported by advertising revenue. Coming from a range of sources, these images are either digital photos or a hi-res scan of an original 35mm slide.



Created in 2013 by designer and photographer, Viktor Hanacek, this free stock photo site allows users to browse by popular tags. Or sign up to receive weekly updates on new high-quality images as they’re added.



Download curated photo packs covering topics such as travel destinations, vintage objects, creative market and more. With a premium membership, access more than 900 images and new photo packs every month.

Drawing from submissions, this library curates quality images for free browsing, download and use. To ensure top-quality, every contributing photographer is limited to five submissions each.



Created to give life to photographs and encourage creativity, this is a collection of over 1,000 free high-res images, collected over ten years. Designers, bloggers and social marketers can get out there with engaging content.


Life of Pix

A curated site for quality images, each week the team nominate a ‘Photographer of the Week.’ Highly customisable – create a portfolio, personalise photos and track your favourite photographers.



Free high-res stock photos are added to this collection every day for creatives to get creative. Uploaded by users, and sourced from free image sites, all pics are hand-selected, tagged, searchable and easy to find.



This vast library of free, hand-selected photos was custom-built for creatives who are sick to death of crappy and tacky stock pics. Completely free for commercial and editorial use, no attribution is necessary.



Primarily a graphic design tool, this online platform also offers free stock photos. The advantage of using the pics within this platform is that you can immediately transform them into a graphic for your socials or blog.



This is a collection of out-there, free hi-res images that are one-of-a-kind. To qualify for this site, the photos must be unique, so it’s the perfect match for creatives looking for something different.



With over 1.5 million free stock photos and videos, this is a community of creatives sharing their creations online. Completely free to use without credit for commercial purposes, there’s no excuse not to get creative.



Run by one woman, this free photo site offers over 8,000 high-quality images to help you add visuals to your business, and everywhere else you need to make an impact. The site also publishes a helpful blog.



If your store sells food or food-related products, this free stock photo site will make your life easier. With loads of stunning hi-res food pics, add vitality to your imagery or spice up your food blog.

That’s a whole lot of free stock photos to pep up your online image. With so many pics available with one click, there’s no more excuse for using lacklustre photos. Dress up your business with great imagery, and stop giving your customers the wrong idea.


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